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October 8, 2020

Medical Extrusion

In this session, technology leaders in tubing, tooling, film/sheet and other segments of the extrusion market share their insights on how to boost the productivity of the medical extrusions you produce now…or hope to in the future. Take a look.

Moderated by: Jim Callari
Plastics Technology

October 15, 2020

Single Screw Extrusion

Tune in and learn about best practices in screw design, troubleshooting, and digital manufacturing.

Moderated by: Jim Callari,
Plastics Technology

October 22, 2020


Technology leaders shine a line on this often overlooked, and critically important, aspect of plastics processing. Register and learn best practices on how to optimize drying of hygroscopic resins to improve part quality and efficiencies.

Moderated by: Jim Callari 
Plastics Technology

October 29, 2020


Best practices in devolatilization and reactive extrusion plus tips on using twin-screws to handle post-consumer reclaim.

Moderated by: Jim Callari, 
Plastics Technology

November 5, 2020

Film Extrusion

Technology innovators in blown and cast film systems and critical components discuss ways to boost quality and improve throughput to better meet and exceed the requirements of your customers.

Moderated by: Jim Callari, 
Plastics Technology

November 12, 2020


Learn more about novel feeding and blending techniques that enable you to more judiciously and accurately prepare material formulations.

Moderated by: Jim Callari, 
Plastics Technology

November 19, 2020


Learn about new approaches and best practices to materials conveying to help your operation  improve efficiency and accuracy.

Moderated by: Jim Callari, 
Plastics Technology

December 3, 2020

Sheet Extrusion

From packaging to industrial sheet, new developments in high-speed extrusion and next-generation tooling promise processors an uptick in productivity.

Moderated by: Jim Callari, 
Plastics Technology


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