Pre-Conference Workshop

Best Practices in Twin-Screw Compounding

Monday, December 5, 2022
2:00pm - 4:30pm
The Polymers Center, Charlotte, NC

​​Learn tips and techniques from expert presenters on how you can improve your compounding expertise at a facility where compounding lines will be running.

  • $100 cost

  • Transportation to and from The Polymers Center provided

  • Light refreshments included

  • Limit of 30 attendees

Topics & Presenters:

The Perfect Pellet - Adam Dreiblatt

Director, Process Technology | CPM Century Extrusion

This presentation looks at compounded pellet quality from the customer’s perspective (rather than from the compounder’s perspective). We ask the questions: Who is your customer? What do they need to be profitable? What are their expectations? Troubleshooting compounded pellet quality issues and understanding customer requirements are the focus of this enlightening seminar.


Strand Die Design Using Pressure DropPablo Vaca

Technical Leader, Polymers | Maag Group

Learn the process by which one designs a strand die. The presenter will start with the shear-rate diagram and proceed to discuss delta P in the die design process. He will then demonstrate a shear-rate curve during the tour using the capillary rheometer.

Adam Dreiblatt.jpg