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Pre-Conference Workshop

Best Practices in Twin-Screw Compounding

Monday, December 5, 2022
2:00pm - 4:30pm
The Polymers Center, Charlotte, NC

​​Learn tips and techniques from expert presenters on how you can improve your compounding expertise at a facility where compounding lines will be running.

  • $100 cost

  • Transportation to and from The Polymers Center provided

  • Light refreshments included

  • Limit of 30 attendees

Topic & Presenter:

Best Practices in Twin-Screw Compounding - Adam Dreiblatt

Director, Process Technology | CPM Century Extrusion

Part 1: Basics of Dispersive Mixing

Co-rotating twin-screw extruders have been the machine of choice for blending of polymers with additives, colorants and non-reinforcing fillers as a result of the dispersive mixing which can be achieved through selection of screw configuration and operating conditions. What does “good dispersion” mean? How do we measure/define dispersion? What factors have the biggest influence to improve dispersion quality? This presentation introduces the basic concepts for dispersive mixing in twin-screw extruders and the influence of operating variables on dispersion quality.


Part 2: Process Variables and Interactions

This presentation takes a deeper dive into the effects of changing extruder process parameters (screw speed, feed rate, barrel temperature, etc.) on system response parameters: torque, specific energy; melt temperature; die pressure; degree-of-fill and residence time. The relationship(s) between these primary operating variables and the resulting dispersion quality is explained and illustrated using one-dimensional (1D) process simulation.

Part 3: Tour of the Facility

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